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High Quality, Coloured Candles

Hand-finished, long-burning and non-drip candles for your convenience

Our Coloured Candle Range is the perfect addition to your living space or special occasion.


With a wide variety of colours to choose from, you can send us a sample of your desired colour and we will create a unique candle just for you.


Our candles are made using only the quality materials, ensuring that they are both

long-lasting and beautiful.

Our colored candles are made by dipping a white candle into a layer of molten wax
that is tinted with the color of your choice.

This process is repeated several times to achieve the best saturation of the chosen color.

We understand that it can be difficult to judge colors accurately on screens and phones, which is why we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.


For this reason, we have an approval process in place to ensure that the final color of your product meets your expectations. We offer three options for finalizing the color, so you can choose the method that works best for you. This helps us avoid any misunderstandings and ensures that the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. 


While we make every effort to display the colors of our products accurately, variations may occur due to monitor settings, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and other factors.


Once the customer gives approval and the order is completed, no returns can be made if the customer is not satisfied with the final product.



Digital Option

Approval of color is granted based on a digital image sent through email or message, before order is completed. It must be noted that the actual color will differ slightly once recieved.


Courier Option

Customers will receive color samples via courier and must provide approval through email or messaging. Courier costs are the responsibility of the customer.


Physical Option

An in-person appointment will be scheduled for the customer to sign off on the chosen color at the African Wax factory, Pretoria East.

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