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Start making your own Pillar Candles at home, with this starter kit.

Which includes the following:

  • 70mm Ø Pillar Candle Moulds x 5 Units
  • Decorative Candle Wax Blend x 10kg
  • LX22 Waxed Wick x 25m
  • Metal Sustainers x 100 units


See more detail below:



  • Specifications:
    • Size: 70mm Ø Diameter
    • Heights: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
    • Suggested wick: C5X9 / large


  • Materials:
    • Aluminium
    • Oil-Resistant Polyurethane 
    • Steel
    • Can be reused countless times
    • Never warps out of shape
    • Consistent candle sizes every time


  • 5 Mould Units include:
    • 70x100mm Pillar Mould 
    • 70x150mm Pillar Mould
    • 70x200mm Pillar Mould
    • 70x250mm Pillar Mould
    • 70x300mm Pillar Mould


    • Each mould unit is made up of the following:
      • Oil-Resistant Polyurethane Base
      • Aluminium tube
      • Steel Wick Pin
      • Oil-Resistant Polyurethane Wick Pin Holder 



    • Specifications:
      • Bright White
      • Long Burning
      • Drip free
      • This is a paraffin wax blend that is specifically made to be used with candles.
      • No need to add extra additives, very stable, and has a long shelf life.
      • Can be used for moulded candles, votives, wax melts, and container candles.
      • Made into easy to melt granules.
      • The melting point is from 65°
      • Blends perfectly with powered dyes and fragrances.



    • Specifications:
      • Wick Type: Wedo
      • Colour: White 
      • Size: Large
      • Waxed



    • Specifications:
      • 14mm diameter x 2,5mm hole with 3,5mm high support 
      • Used to make assemblies
      • Thread the wick through the sustainer
      • Helps to anchour the wick to the bottom of the container or mould


    Click here for basic instructions on how to make a candle with this mould.


    Not for children under the age of 12 years

    Caution must be taken due to hot melted wax


    Items needed at home:

    • Scale
    • Double Boiler / Bowel & Saucepan
    • Metal or Plastic Pouring Jug
    • Thermometer - must go up to at least 110°C

    70mm Ø Pillar Candle Making Kit


    • All items are made to order, no items are kept in stock.

      Production can take between 3 to 5 BUSINESS days after the order has been placed and POP has been received.

      Once your order has been received, we try our utmost to get it delivered to you as soon as possible.


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