How much wax to use????

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It is always the first question that seems to pop up when people are thinking of making their own candles.

It should be because you never want to be stuck with too little wax and your candle looking like it had to go on a diet or something. The golden rule in candle making, always have too much wax!

Why too much? Well first of all melted wax shrinks when it cools down and solidifies, resulting in a depression on the top of your candle. To fix this using lament terms of candle making, you use your extra wax to top it up to the desired level and height you want.

This step might even need to be repeated a few times to get that great looking candle you want. This shrinkage and top up happen with all candles, free-standing candles in a mould and candles made in any type of container.

Oh, and another tip, if you are making a mixture of wax with either coloured dye or fragrance or both, always make sure to have just too much wax blend. You will never be able to exactly duplicate that blend again, so always have extra.

Below is a little formula that should help you to work out the amount of wax you will need to make your candle. If you're making multiple candles, just multiply everything by your quantity. Calculation time!!!!!!!

First, place a container/whiskey glass on a scale and tare the scale (zero it with the container on the scale).

Fill the container with water and measure the number of grams it takes to fill the container to your desired height, i.e. 200g

This will be the approximate weight of wax per container. Wax is only slightly lighter than water (specific gravity of around 0.8-0.98), depending on the blend.

Now plug this weight into the formula below:

(grams of wax per container) X (number of containers) = (grams needed)

(grams needed) ÷ 1000 (grams in 1kg) = (kg of wax needed)

For example, let's say you wanted to make 6 candles in a 220ml glass. The wax weight per container is 200g (as you don’t fill the glass right to the top)

200 x 6 = 1200 grams of wax

1200 ÷ 1000 = 1.2 kg of wax

In this example, you would need at least 1.2kg of wax to fill 6 x 220ml glasses. It is a good idea to round up this number. It's always better to have a little wax left over than to not have enough! Remember Golden Rule

When the wax cools down, it shrinks. So always have extra wax mixture to top up the candle to the desired level and height.

Good Luck Guys and have fun making your candles. Will be posting more tips and tricks in the coming future.

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