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Custom Diamond Dot Painting Made!!!!

Create your own Custom Diamond Dot Design. It can be anything you want, from a family photo to a landscape scene that you love. Complete the form below and submit your image to receive a quote, quotes can take up to 48 hours.


Upon acceptance of the quote and once payment has been received, the custom design will go into production which takes a period of 3 weeks excluding shipping.

PLEASE read the important notes below the form, before submitting.

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Important points for a good quality image

  • The Image must not be blurry
  • The image must not have harsh shadows or be over-exposed
  • Size of the image is important as the better the quality of the image the better the detail in the cutom design will be.

Size of Custom Design

Custom Design will not be made in the following sizes:

  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
The size is too small and not enough detail will be captured in the final design. The recommeded smallest size is 50cm x 40cm. Once the image has been recieved by the team, the best size for the design will be recommended. For landscape scenes, it is recommmeded to go bigger but once again the custom team will let you know what size will be best.


Should you submit a picture that is copyrighted (ie: the image does not belong to you), you will accept full responsibility if the original artist chooses to file a complaint or enforce legal action. It is strongly suggested to obtaining copyrights before proceeding with your submission. B's Art & Crafts will not be held responsible for backlash over the client/customer promoting/displaying/advertising their incomplete or completed designs over social media or any other public forum. Half/partly completed designs will not be accepted for returns. If you have started dotting the design and are finding that it does not live up to your expectations then we will ask you to complete the design first before requesting a refund or a reprint. Customs Designs take three weeks for production from the date that Proof of Payment (PoP) has been received. This time-frame excludes courier delivery time.

What cannot be done with a Diamond Dot Custom Design?

  • The design cannot be requested to be in Black & White
  • Custom Designs are not block mounted or framed



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