Available Payment Methods


Peach Payments is done with a secure credit card or instant eft payment gateway.

Please take note of the following with regards to the payment gateway

  • Sometimes the WIFI that is being used is not secure enough or the security certificate has expired

  • This will prevent the payment gateway from redirecting and loading a new page

  • If this does occur, please disconnect from the WIFI and use 3G instead.

  • If there is still a problem with the payment gateway loading, please contact me at belinda@bsartandcrafts.co.za


Manual orders will not be processed until proof of payment has been confirmed, please email the proof of payment to accounts@bsartandcrafts.co.za.
We have an 5 - 7 Business Day lead time on orders placed for candle making supplies. 
Kindly note that once production has commenced, the order cannot be changed.